Study sheds light on housing in the Goldfields-Esperance Region

Date published: 3/11/2014

The housing needs of the Goldfields-Esperance have been investigated as part of a region-wide housing study to help decision makers plan for changing households and future population. The Goldfields-Esperance study was undertaken by the Department of Housing in partnership with the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission (GEDC) and Landcorp. 

The study looks at the type of housing available in the region and profiles housing requirements for the region to 2020. It also looks at accommodation for specialised needs for a variety of groups including seniors, people with disabilities and low incomes groups.

The key findings echo the sentiments of many community stakeholders who have expressed their concern about the level of housing need and affordability for some groups across the region.  Some of the key findings across the region to 2020 include the need for: 

  • an additional 1,000 residential dwellings;
  • an additional 270 retirement village or independent living units;
  • an additional 300 aged care places;
  • provision of accommodation for 2,000 people with special needs; and 
  • an additional 380 dwellings  to meet current need for Aboriginal households.

The study involved liaison with local communities and organisations over the last year including accommodation providers. It provides a breakdown of housing profiles by Local Government area with commentary on housing requirements and need for each Local Government area.
The Department of Housing will use the housing study data to plan, identify and prioritise potential projects, initiatives and investments in the region to alleviate identified shortfalls.
To view a copy of the housing study visit Goldfields-Esperance Regional Housing Study.