2013 Regional Price Index now available

Date published: 13/01/2014

The Regional Price Index (RPI), produced by the Department of Regional Development on behalf of the State Government, with funding currently provided through the Royalties for Region Program has been released and is available from the GEDC publication page.
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The 2013 Regional Price Index is the sixth State Government Index contrasting the cost of a common basket of goods and services at a number of regional locations to the Perth metropolitan region.

The 2011 and 2013 RPIs were comprised of a basked of 504 goods and services, which were priced in 27 centres around Western Australia. These RPIs were commissioned to assist with the calculation of the Government's regional district allowance, and has been used to assist in policy decision-making. The private sector also uses RPI when setting regional wages and salaries. The results of the 2013 RPI reflected the distance from Perth, the remoteness and the small commodity markets which are common to regional localities in Western Australia.